Welcome to Stephen Mamber's Projects


I am a Professor in the Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media at UCLA. Here are four projects of mine.

Instrument of War: The True Story of the Yuba City Draft Board Murders

I did this in the middle 90's sometime. It is an attempt at "Digital Storytelling".

Center for Hidden Camera Research

A look at some surveillance video questions. The "Gallery of Hidden Camera Examples" is probably the most interesting part.

Who Shot Liberty Valance?

An experiment in "forensic film analysis." When opened in a browser, best viewed in a full screen mode. "The Two Gunfights" is worth spending some time with, when you get started.

WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE? is also now a free iPad app. This is a far superior way to see this whole thing than in a browser, if you've got a retina display iPad (3 or newer). Click here to see!

ClipNotes - An iPad and Windows 8 App

Description, links, and support materials for my ClipNotes app, a film/video study and presentation tool.