Welcome to ClipNotes

The most complete support, together with many files, can be found at clipnotes.org.

ClipNotes is an app to help you retrieve preselected segments of a video and show them together with any notes you might wish to present while the segments are showing. To do this, you must first prepare an xml file which contains the starting and stopping times of the segments you wish to access, together with a caption to appear on a list, and any description you want to display.

ClipNotes comes preloaded with a short public-domain film from the UCLA Film and Television Archives and an introductory XML file, so that you can immediately see the usefulness and power of ClipNotes. When you have your own video and xml files ready, you can copy them to your iPad using iTunes, and then open your files in ClipNotes. In this way, ClipNotes will then be always ready to start with your own files loaded. (In ClipNotes for Windows, xml and video files can be opened directly from anywhere on your computer or on a connected drive.)  This also allows you to prepare multiple xml files for a single video if you wish. You might do this to show vacation videos to different groups, a film to different classes, and so on.

The sample xml file is also available on this website, together with detailed instructions for preparing your own files, both xml and video.

We hope, of course, that you find ClipNotes to be a fun and useful tool. We welcome your suggestions and reactions at stephen.mamber@gmail.com.

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