Getting Started With ClipNotes for Windows

ClipNotes for Windows should run fine on any device running Windows 10, either a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

You need two files to use ClipNotes, a video file and an XML file. When you have these files, you can open each from the App Bar (available from a Right Click).

The Video file

The video file needs to be in a format that your computer can play. These are generally the same formats which Windows Media Player can handle.

We have done fine with m4v, mp4, and mov files, using H.264. We recommend HandBrake as the software to use if you are converting video files from other formats, and we also like DVD Flick. We've also used mov files directly from several video cameras and have found these to work fine. ClipNotes will resize your video to fit the movie window at the top of your iPad screen, but will maintain whatever the screen ratio is of your video.

ClipNotes for Windows requires your files to be local, either on a hard drive or an external drive connected directly to your computer or tablet. It cannot access files over a network or over the Internet. If you do not have a local file, you can, of course, copy it from wherever it is currently stored.

The XML file

The XML file is the main thing you have to prepare. You can do this by first determining starting and stopping times of each clip within the video which you wish to show, and then writing the description that will display when the clip shows. The purpose of the caption is to give you a line on the scrolling list to easily identify your clips. Since descriptions are generally longer than captions, it's a good idea to have short captions as well to appear on your list. (See the sample files included with ClipNotes to get a sense of how you might do this.)

Here would be a short sample for discussion's sake of a two-clip XML file.

<Description>This is a really cool example. I like it a lot.</Description>
<Caption>My first example - a good one</Caption>
<End>2:4 9</End>
<Description>That's Uncle Bob standing behind the dolphin.</Description>
<Caption>A big moment in our vacation</Caption>

Start and End times are listed as minutes:seconds. If your video is over an hour, you can also list hours or continue to use minutes, either 1:12:15 or 72:15 are fine.

XML files can be edited in an text editor, so you might use Notepad or Notepad++ for this. There are also specialised programs for editing XML files, such as the free program Serna or the commercial software Oxygen. Microsoft also offers a free xml editor. The Internet is full of information about XML and there are many books on the subject, but the format is pretty straightforward and a text editor works perfectly fine.


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